Car Racing Game for Windows 8: Real Drift Simulator 3D

Real Drift Simulator 3D is a  thrilling car racing game for Windows 8 and 8.1 computers. Enter the world of Drifting with this super cool game. Cars are exciting, Drifting is even more exciting. If you have ever played any game from the Need For Speed series, you are going to stick with this game. No, there is no surprise to what I said, as this racing game for Windows 8 is all about freestyle Drifting in a sports car. So, tighten your seat belt and get ready for some action.Car Racing Game for Windows 8

How to Install: Real Drift Simulator 3D for Windows 8

Go to the Windows 8 App store and search for Real Drift Simulator 3D in the games section, or just follow the Download link mentioned below. With a size of 50 MB, this car racing game for Windows 8 occupies a nominal space on your PC. Click install, wait for the download, and you are good to go after the installation finishes.Car Racing Game for Windows 8

How to play Real Drift Simulator 3D:

Click on the Play icon on the welcome screen, select a car, and fire up the engine. There are two cars available, but the second car unlocks only when you collect a certain¬†amount of points. To collect these points, you have to drift across the arena. The more your car drifts, the more points are collected in your bag. The game is simple, use the WASD keys as control, and navigate around the arena in your car. Steer the car right or left, and use brakes to perfectly maneuver corners and obstacles. Circle around the obstacles, show your driving skills, to collect points. You need to continuously burn your car’s rubber, and drift across without stopping, or hitting obstacles, to collect maximum points.

Car Racing Game for Windows 8

The game has 2 type of views. A normal view, and a bird’s eye view. The normal view of this car racing game for Windows 8 is just like any other game. It’s a view right from the back of the car, where you can view the car. The Bird’s Eye view, as the name suggests is an Arial view of the arena, and the car. Both the modes are easy to play.

Car Racing Game for Windows 8

A single game goes on for 2 minutes. You have to drift all you can in these 2 minutes, and collect points. Once 2 minutes are over, the game displays the points scored in the game, and the total points. After that either you can retry the game, or quit playing.

Car Racing Game for Windows 8

This free racing game for Windows 8 is a very addictive, and makes you stick to it for hours. So, what are you waiting for, quit everything and download this game now for your Windows 8 and 8.1 computer. For such small download size, its a huge package to own.

Download Real Drift Simulator 3D for Windows 8 and 8.1.

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