Free Windows 8 Shopping App is a free Windows 8 shopping app that helps you to buy amazing goods via online shopping. This app for Windows 8 help you to buy lots of gears and gadgets on a reasonable price with guarantee. It’s quite a sophisticated and easy to use Windows 8 app through which you can easily explore a number of cool products on a single page on your own Windows 8 desktop using your Internet connection. Windows 8 app is quite a smart and easy way to buy goods online and on desk. You don’t need to log into this Windows 8 shopping app, you just need to switch over it and you are good to go. There are number of various categories from where you can select your product and add it to your shopping cart.


You can explore large number of products with the help of various deals like the Weekly Deals and Today’s Deals. You can also watch the latest products you can buy on Buy TV. You can also check the latest gadgets and gears on What’s Shakin. Just click on the product and have its specifications.

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You can see all the information you want to know about the product and can also buy it from here only by viewing it on the browser. You can also watch the latest videos regarding all the products in the store.


Besides all this, you can also create your account on and can directly purchase your products from the website only. Go ahead and download this smart Windows 8 app for online shopping and have fun buying things on

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