Beansight: Windows 8 Prediction App

Beansight is a free Windows 8 prediction app that lets you get ideas about look for predictions about your future or search future predictions.

Oh Yes! I am serious, you can actually write down your predictions in your own way. That means, you can put an exact day and time when a particular action is going to take place. You can prove the expert opinion by predicting the future on various topics like politics, society, entertainment, technology, economics, sports, celebrity etc. Well, you can also share fun facts with your friends that are going to happen in the future.


You just have to sign up with Beansight. Once done, you can now create as well as view the predictions done earlier by the others with the exact date and time. You can also agree and disagree to that online prediction, if you want to. The very first time you switch to this Windows 8 prediction app, it will ask you to sign up on the main Beansight website. Just create your free account there and share your predictions with your friends on social networking sites.


Rate others prediction, whether you agree with them or you disagree or may be you agree to disagree, whatever you like. Below, you can see that you can write down your own predictions on the main Beansight website and can also send invitation to your friends to follow you on Beansight.


Enjoy numerous funny and logical predictions by others and also write your own with the help of this cute little free prediction app for Windows 8.

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