Just Hot Air- Featured

Kick Creatures To Their Goals In This Windows 8 Kicking Game App

Just Hot Air is a free Windows 8 Kicking Game. In this game, your aim is to kick the lovely creatures (fish or turtle), and help them reach the goals. They have to go through a variety of terrains having...
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Jumping Frenzy- Featured

Jump On Leaves And Reach The End In This Windows 8 Jumping Game

Jumping Frenzy is a free Windows 8 Jumping Game App. In this game, you have to make a frog jump onto leaves in a pond and reach the farthest leaf possible. The farther you reach, the higher you score....
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Doodle Biker- Featured

Drive Bike And Have Fun In This Windows 8 Doodle Game: Doodle Biker

Doodle Biker is a free Windows 8 Doodle Game app. In this game, you have to play as a doodle biker. Drive around in the doodle maps using the bike you are provided with. Your main aim is to reach the end...
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Shareflag- Featured

Windows 8 Photo Editor To Add Effects, Frames To Photos: Shareflag

Shareflag is a free Windows 8 Photo Editor App. You can use it to add effects to your photos. There are over 12 effects that are available here to choose from. You can directly choose the photos from...
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Quoter- Featured

Create Postcards With Quotes Using This Windows 8 Postcard Making App

Quoter is a free Windows 8 Postcard Making App. It can be used to make postcards from your favorite photos. You can also add quotes to the postcards you create using this app. The app has a number of...
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TvAddict Lite- Featured

Track TV Shows Using This Windows 8 TV Show Tracker App: TvAddict Lite

TvAddict Lite is a free Windows 8 TV Show Tracker App. You can use it to keep track of TV Shows and movies. The app provides good details and description about the storyline of various popular TV shows...
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Just Words- Featured

Improve Vocab With This Windows 8 Words Formation Game: Just Words

Just Words is a Windows 8 Words Formation Game. In this game you have to form more and more words by arranging the letters that appear during the game. This way, you can enjoy playing a game and can also...
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Save Yourself From Police In This Windows 8 Running Game: Thieves

Thieves is a free Windows 8 Running Game. In this game, you, as  a thief, have to run over the roof tops, in order to keep yourself away from the police man who is chasing you. On your way, you will...
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Where can I eat-Featured

Windows 8 Restaurant Finder App Free: Where can I eat?

Where can I eat? is a Windows 8 Restaurant Finder App. It can be used to find restaurants near you, or near any given location. The app provides information about the nearest Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten...
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Wake Up, Arnie! Free- Featured

Free Windows 8 Platform Jumping Game: Wake Up, Arnie! Free

Wake Up, Arnie! Free is a Windows 8 Platform Jumping Game. The game is about Arnie, who is very much into watching monster movies. The game is about a scary dream that Arnie saw one night. He found himself...
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