3 Free Windows 8 Horoscope Apps

Here are 3 free Windows 8 Horoscope apps for those who are interested in reading their own daily horoscope predictions. You can also know other important info about all the 12 zodiac signs such as characteristics, symbol, element, and more..

All these horoscope apps are available under the ‘Entertainment’ column of app store.. You can simply go onto the app store and install it from there, else just open the link given along with the description of each horoscope Windows 8 app. Let me quickly point out the name of each Windows 8 horoscope app below:

  • Daily Horoscope
  • Horoscopes & Astrology
  • Today’s Horoscope

Below given is the description of all the Windows 8 horoscope apps. Lets get started with:

Daily Horoscope

Windows 8 Horoscope apps

Daily Horoscope is one of the most popular horoscope apps that lets you read your daily horoscope, right on your system. You don’t need to remain connected with the Internet in order to read the horoscope. All the predictions are prepared by a team of expert astrologers who have the experience of more than 15 years in astrology.

This Windows 8 horoscope lets you know what the future holds for you in three different categories including in love, Wealth and Welfare. You can also pin your zodiac sign that, in result, will run it in the background and it will show quick status on Windows 8 Lock Screen. Dali Horoscope is available in 3 different languages: English, Spanish, and French. You can also share you horoscope with others, from within the app. It’s a good entertaining app if you are a regular horoscope reader. Go ahead and download Daily Horoscope in Windows 8 now.

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

Download: Click Here

Horoscopes & Astrology

Windows 8 Horoscope app

Horoscopes & Astrology is another entertainment horoscope app for Windows 8 that lets read daily horoscope of all the 12 zodiac signs. Horoscope predictions are shown for present day along with last two days. You can see today’s power numbers, famous people who are born on this day.

Also, this Windows 8 horoscope app brings you percentage predictions for Intellect, Wellness, Love, Intuition, Emotions, Creativity, Work and Money. You can also refresh it by clicking on ‘Refresh’ button. It’s a good app to view daily predictions and to see what all is going to happen with you. Go ahead and download Horoscopes & Astrology.

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

Download: Click Here

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Today’s Horoscope

Horoscope app

Today’s Horoscope, probably the best among all the three horoscope apps I reviewed in my todays post. This Windows 8 horoscope app, not only brings you the normal daily predictions, but also it gets you mother important information about all the 12 zodiac signs. You can easily view today’s and tomorrow’s horoscope.

In addition, Today’s Horoscope comes with Live Tile Notification that shows all the last five zodiac you checked. As you open the app, you will find the ‘Featured Today’ at the very beginning, following with Today’s Horoscope and Tomorrow’s Today. Go ahead and download Today’s Horoscope in Windows 8 now. Now, in order to download this app, you need to head over to the app store and search Today’s Horoscope in the Search Bar.

Works with: Windows 8

Price: Free

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